Another World: SURVIVAL
Title screen shot
Creator Liquidream
Genre Action
Player Count One


Imagine the game Another World, but with endless waves of enemies to fight!


  • On the first Wave, the player, controlling Lester Knight Chaykin, must avoid tentacles from a submerged creature nearby and kill leech-like creatures by kicking them. Killing a certain number of creatures will end the Wave and take Chaykin to the next one.
  • Having a tentacle grab Chaykin or a leech creature make contact with him will kill Chaykin and the Wave will restart.
  • Wave 2 is identical to Wave 1, but with the addition of creatures crawling along a cavern ceiling, which they can drop down on Chaykin and kill him if allowed. Again, killing a certain number of creatures will end the Wave and take Chaykin to the next one.
  • Starting with Wave 3, Chaykin becomes armed with a gun and he encounters a bunch of alien soldiers. He can shoot the soldiers, along with defending himself via creating forcefields with the gun. Creating a super shot with the gun will destroy a soldier’s force field. Killing a certain number of soldiers will start the next Wave.
  • If Chaykin gets shot then the Wave starts over.
  • Starting from Wave 4 and onwards, Chaykin will advance to the next Wave after killing leech creatures and soldiers, but coming into contact with either (or a soldier’s gun blast) will cause the Wave to restart.


  • At the title screen, press the z key to play the game.
  • Use the arrow keys to move (left/right to move and down to crouch).
  • To kick, press the z key.
  • To fire the pistol (Wave 3 and onwards), press the x key.
  • To create a force field, press and hold the x key briefly, then release it.
  • To create a super shot, hold the x key for several seconds, then release it.
  • Use the enter or p keys to pause the game and/or reset the cart.


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