Title screen shot
Creator Demondice
Genre Action
Player Count One


Collect as many coins as possible while avoiding enemies!


  • The player must collect as many coins as possible. Once a coin is collected, another one will instantly appear elsewhere in the maze. Two coins appear onscreen maximum.
  • An enemy appears in the pen in the center of the screen; after several seconds, it will enter the maze. After a while, another one will appear in the pen and also enter the maze until several enemies are onscreen at once.
  • Enemies will change their direction once they reach an opening in their path.
  • The player can utilize four escape tunnels that appear onscreen (two running vertically and two horizontally), warping them to the opposite end of a tunnel when entered.
  • If an enemy catches the player, they will lose a life and the difficulty level will start over (i. e. with only one enemy appearing in the pen). Once all lives are lost the game will end.


  • At the title screen, press the x key to play the game.
  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Use the enter or p keys to pause the game and/or reset the cart.


Play game

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