load filename

Loads a cartridge.

The name of the cartridge file, or @clip to load a cartridge from the system clipboard copied from the BBS.

When you execute this system command at the Pico-8 prompt, the cart currently in memory is erased and replaced with the loaded cart.

When called as a function (load('filename')), the loaded cart completely replaces the current cart in memory and begins executing immediately.

Pico-8 can load cartridges in .p8 format or .p8.png format. If you specify the filename without an extension, Pico-8 assumes .p8, even if another file ending in .p8.png exists.

Pico-8 remembers the filename of the loaded cartridge for use with a subsequent save command.

If the filename is @clip, Pico-8 attempts to load the contents of the system clipboard as a cartridge. The value on the clipboard must be in the format used by save @clip. This is the same format provided by the "Copy" feature of the Pico-8 BBS, so you can quickly transfer cartridges from BBS posts into the Pico-8 app.

Examples Edit

At the Pico-8 prompt:

> load demos/jelpi.p8

In source code:

-- load a cart

See also Edit

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