mid( first, second, third )

Returns the middle of three numbers.

The first number.
The second number.
The third number.

This is a straightforward function with an often-overlooked use: clamping a value to a range.

If you call mid(min_val,val_to_clamp,max_val), it acts exactly like the similarly-formatted clamp() function in other languages. The result will be min_val if val is too low, max_val if val is too high, and val itself if it is in range.

Examples Edit

print(mid(8, 2, 4))           -- 4
print(mid(-3.5, -3.4, -3.6))  -- -3.5
print(mid(6, 6, 8))           -- 6
-- clamp to 0..1
print(mid(0, v, 1))

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