The wiki for Pico-8, the fantasy programmable game console by Lexaloffe Games.

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PICO-8 by Lexaloffle Games is a fantasy programmable game console for making, sharing, and playing tiny games and other computer programs (cartridges, or "carts"). The console provides simple built-in tools for creating your own cartridges.

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  • new page GettingStarted
    created by A Fandom user 41 seconds ago
    New page: HELP ME
    Summary: the page
  • discussion page Talk:Clamp Function
    new comment by MBoffin 4 days ago
    Comment: If any mods get around to seeing this page, you can just delete it. I was over-eager in adding this, but hadn't seen the mid() function. :\...
  • edit Clamp Function
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  • edit Clamp Function
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    Summary: Oops, was wrong about a minimal clamp function. Edited to make it more minimal.
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    Summary: Fixed formatting due to code being parsed as wiki formatting.
  • new page Clamp Function
    created by MBoffin 5 days ago
    New page: Keeping a value between two other valuesEdit Clamp is a classic function to keep a number (a) between two values (b and c). There are multiple ways...
    Summary: A simple (and concise) clamp function.
    Added category: Code snippets
  • new page Yet Another Multiple States System
    created by MBoffin
    New page: Contents[show] Description Edit This will give you an easy way to keep the code separate for your game's different states (such as menu screen,...
    Summary: Created an alternate simple guide to manage game states.
    Added category: Tutorials
  • discussion page Talk:Import
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    Comment: if you have problems with import try saving png with color indexed
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    Summary: See also:
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    Summary: Updated to latest rules.

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