shl( num, bits )

Shifts the bits of a number to the left.

The number.
The number of bits to shift.

The shl() function takes a number and a bit count, and returns the result of shifting the bits of the number to the left by that count.

Numbers in Pico-8 are stored using a 32-bit fixed point format, with 16 bits for the integer portion, 16 bits for the fractional portion, and a twos complement representation for negative and positive values. Bit shifting uses the entire number representation. (See examples below.)

Examples Edit

-- 1 = 00000001 binary
-- 8 = 00001000 binary
print(shl(1, 3))      -- 8

-- 0.125 = 0000.0010 binary
-- 1.000 = 0001.0000 binary
print(shl(0.125, 3))  -- 1

See also Edit

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