Activates the cartridge explorer.

Splore is a graphical interface for exploring Pico-8 cartridges. You can use Splore to browse, search, and play cartridges published to the forum (BBS) directly over the Internet. You can also use Splore to navigate the cartridge storage area, with or without an Internet connection.

To activate Splore, run the splore command from the Pico-8 command prompt.


The Splore interface.

Select a cartridge to run it. To return to Splore from the running cart, press the Escape key to pause the cart and display the pause menu, then select Splore.

Splore pause

The Splore pause menu.

To return to the command prompt, press Escape from within the Splore interface.

Saving carts locally Edit

When you select a published cartridge, Pico-8 downloads the cart, loads it into memory, and runs it. The cart is stored on your computer in a cache separate from the cartridge storage area.

To save the cart to the storage area:

1. While the cart is running, press Escape to pause the cart. 2. Select Splore to return to the browse interface. 3. Press Escape again to exit Splore and return to the command prompt. 4. Use the save command to save the cart.

As usual, you can press Escape from the prompt to examine the contents of the cart.

Examples Edit

> splore

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