sset( x, y, [c] )

Sets the color value of a pixel on the sprite sheet.

The x coordinate on the sprite sheet.
The y coordinate on the sprite sheet.
The color value to set. If unspecified, the color of the current draw state will be used.

This is similar to pset() except instead of the graphics buffer, it gets the color value from the sprite sheet. The sprite sheet is treated as a single canvas 128 pixels wide and 128 pixels high.

If the bottom half of the sprite sheet is used for map data, sset will modify map data values for that region. Prefer mset() for setting map data.

Drawing to the sprite sheet changes the data in memory, but does not change the cartridge. A program can restore the original data from the cartridge with reload(), and can save the modified data to the cart with cstore(). See Memory for information about the memory addresses to use.

Examples Edit

sset(10, 10, 7)      -- sets (10, 10) to white
print(sget(10, 10))  -- prints 7

See also Edit

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