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Tower of Archeos
Tower of Archeos Logo
Creator Benjamin Soulé
Genre Puzzle
Player Count One

Description Edit

Climb the Tower of Archeos and kill the evil sorceror!

Rules Edit

  • Attack a group of the same kind of monsters!
  • Monsters will retaliate, but group size does not affect final damage, so try to destroy large groups first.
  • When your XP reaches 0, your health and items are refilled, and you also gain another heart slot.
  • Blocked doors and chests can be opened by killing monsters that are next to it.
  • To go up a floor, you need to go through a door.
  • Reach the 8th level to fight Archeon, the evil sorceror!

Controls Edit

  • Use the Up/Down/Left/Right to move the Cursor.
  • Use the Z button to attack/go through doors/grab items.
  • Use the X Button to enter or leave your inventory.

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